The Marcels

Artist Spotlight #8

The Marcels

They would burst onto the musical scene in the year 1961. In 1961 they would have 2 records to hit the nation’s Top 10-“Blue Moon” (#1, 3 weeks) and “Heartaches” (#7).None of their other recordings would ever hit the nation’s Top 40, but they did, however, have many other good records. Three of the original members of this group would leave before the year 1961 was finished. They would come from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and they would feature the lead voice of Cornelius Harp-they were The Marcels.

March 1961-#1 for 3 weeks

October 1961-#7

Circa 1963-an answer to Johnny Cymbal’s hit “Mr. Base Man”

This is from their 1961 album called “Blue Moon”-it’s called “Crazy Bells”.