Music Survey Archives 1959

KOBY, the Bay Area’s Top 40 pioneer, was still the most popular Top 40 station in the Bay Area, but that was soon going to change. Here is a music survey from KOBY in January of 1959.

It was now March of 1959 and America had experienced the loss of 3 Rock and Roll legends, but the music wouldn’t die.

Here is the Top 40 for KYA on the week of April 13, 1959. The glory days for KYA would soon be on the horizon.

Radio station KNBC (680) would have it’s Lucky Lager Dance Time featuring the top hits of the day. This particular survey would be from May 9, 1959.

Top 40 radio had come to the Bay Area with the arrival of KOBY (1550). Now in June of 1959 we have the arrival of a Top 40 station that would eventually force KOBY into becoming a listening music station. June of 1959 would herald the arrival of KEWB-Channel 91.

This is the music survey for KEWB for the week ending August 29, 1959

This next survey is from KOBY on the week of November 30, 1959. Soon KOBY would become a listening music station.

References: The music surveys of KEWB, KOBY, KNBC and KYA. They were all playing the new music at this time 🙂 🙂 🙂

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