Ral Donner

Artist Spotlight #6

Ral Donner

Ralph Stuart Emanuel Donner was born on February 10, 1943 in Norwood Park, Chicago, Illinois.We would know him as Ral Donner. He would first burst onto the musical scene in 1961 with a sound very reminiscent of Elvis Presley. In fact, on many of his records he sounded a lot like Elvis. His first major hit would come in May of 1961-“The Girl Of My Best Friend” (peaked at #19)

Ral’s biggest hit would follow in July of 1961 (#4 nationwide)

Ral’s last big hit would come in February of 1962-“She’s Everything”

By the year 1963, Ral’s popularity had faded and he was now recording for Reprise Records. His success was now behind him, but that sound was still there.