Music Survey Archives 1958

As we open our vault to look at local music surveys from this year, we see that the new music was exploding all over local radio and it was even on a local TV dance program. KOBY was still the top rated Top 40 radio station in the Bay Area but other radio stations were now playing the new music. The following is a sampling of where the music was being played on your radio in the Bay Area. On the week of January 27, 1958 “Get A Job” by The Silhouettes was now #1

————————————————-January 27, 1958————————————–

On this next survey, #22 was “The Walk” by Jimmy McCracklin. Jimmy was born in Helena, Arkansas but eventually came to the Bay Area. In the late 1970’s he was living in East Oakland, about a block from where my parents had lived for almost 38 years.
—————————————-March 24, 1958————————————————-

KYA would see it’s glory days in the beginning of the next decade, but it was now playing the big hits of the day.
————————————————–April 14, 1958—————————————–

KWBR was 1310 on your radio dial. They would play some of the big R & B hits of the day
———————————————September 19, 1958————————————

KNBC was 680 on your radio dial. It’s Luck Lager Dance Time would feature the top hits of the day.
———————————————-Week of September 27, 1958—————————– –

KSAN was 1450 on your radio dial and they would also play the big Rhythm & Blues hits.
——————————————October 6, 1958———————————————

Ted Randal had been one of the early disc jockeys on KOBY and he would also be on KEWB when they would start next year. He would also have his own dance program on TV channel KPIX (channel 5) in San Francisco.
————————————————-December 5, 1958————————————–

As the year 1958 comes to a close, the new music is now all over the radio dial and it’s even on TV. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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