1953 Hitmakers

1953 Hitmakers

In the year 1953 Red Buttons would have 2 hits-his biggest was “The Ho Ho Song” (#9). Faye Adams would be a rhythm and blues singer that would cross over to the pop charts in 1953-her hit was called “Shake A Hand” (#22). Dean Martin would score 2 hits this year-his biggest was “That’s Amore”.

A rhythm and blues group would also cross over to the pop charts in 1953. They were The Orioles and their only pop hit this year was “Crying In The Chapel” (#11). Richard Hayman would have 5 hits this year-his biggest was “Ruby” (#3). The Four Tunes, another r & b group, would have 1 hit on the pop charts-“Marie” (#13).

The Four Lads would have 4 hits this year-their biggest was “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” (#10). Frank Chacksfield would hit the pop chart 2 times in 1953-his biggest was “Ebb Tide” (#2 for 4 weeks). Pee Wee Hunt would also have 2 hits this year-his biggest was “Oh” (#3)

Don Cornell would have 5 hits in 1953-his biggest was “Heart Of My Heart” with Alan Dale & Johnny Desmond (#10). The Four Aces would have 9 hits this year-their biggest was “Stranger In Paradise” (#3). Eddie Fisher would score 10 hits in 1953, including 2 songs that would reach #1. They were “I’m Walking Behind You” (#1 for 7 weeks) and “Oh My Pa Pa” (#1 for 8 weeks).

Perry Como would have 8 more hits this year-his biggest was “No Other Love” (#1 for 4 weeks). Patti Page would have 9 more hits in 1953-her biggest hit was “Doggie In The Window” (#1 for 8 weeks). Les Paul & Mary Ford would have 5 more hits in this year-their biggest was “Vaya Con Dios” (#1 for 11 weeks).

At this time, if it was popular, Stan Freberg would take a playful poke at it. He would have 4 hits this year and his biggest hit was a parody on the popular TV show “Dragnet”- “St. George And The Dragonet” (#1 for 4 weeks). Teresa Brewer would score 4 hits this year-her biggest was “Ricochet” (#2 for 2 weeks). The Hilltoppers had their first hit at the end of 1952 and in this year they would score 7 more hits-their biggest was “P.S. I Love You” (#4)

These were some of the recording artists that were entertaining us as 1953 would come to an end.

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