1957 Flashback

1957 Flashback

As the year 1957 begins, I am still in the 7th Grade at Frick Junior High in Oakland, California. When we started Junior High, we were told that our old building might not be able to withstand a strong earthquake. In the spring of this year, the old Frick Junior High building would get a strong test. I had just finished one class and as I was walking outside the building I would feel the ground shaking. I looked back and saw the building swaying back and forth. It survived the quake but soon a new building would take it’s place. This was one of my memories from my years at Frick Junior High – “the day the building did the rock and roll”. In September of 1957 I would begin the 8th Grade. I was still collecting cards at this time. Below are some of the sets I collected.

———————————————News Events———————————————-

On March 30, 1957 the second atomic submarine was commissioned-it was called “The Seawolf”. May 2 of this year would see the death of the controversial Joseph McCarthy. On July 12, scientific research established a link between cigarette smoking and Cancer. In September, American Motors would introduce the nation’s first compact car-“The Rambler”. September 24 would see racial violence at Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas. October 4, 1957 would see the launch of Sputnik 1

On October 16, Jamestown, Virginia would see the re-creation of the 1620 voyage of The Mayflower. Dr. Martin Luther King, ordained a Baptist Minister in 1947, would help to organize the Southern Christian Leadership Conference this year. There were now 47,200,000 TV sets in use across America.

—————————————–Cost Of Living————————————————-

The average salary in 1957 was $4,494, gas was 27 cents a gallon, milk was $1 a gallon, a Swanson TV Dinner cost 75 cents, hamburger was 30 cents a pound, a jar of Tang cost 50 cents, butter was 75 cents a pound, a 12 ounce container of Vermont Maple Syrup cost 33 cents, a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup was only 10 cents, a bunch of broccoli was 23 cents, a dozen eggs were 55 cents, a head if Iceberg lettuce was only 19 cents, a 16 ounce package of Nabisco Saltines was 25 cents, Pot Roast was 69 cents a pound, a 27 ounce can of Jolly Green Giant canned corn was 14 cents and bread was 19 cents a loaf.

November 1, 1957-Oakland California

——————————————-The World Of Sports————————————–

Althea Gibson would become the first Black tennis player to win at Wimbledon. On April 13, the Boston Celtics would defeat the St. Louis Hawks to win the NBA title, 4 games to 3. On October 10, The Milwaukee Braves would defeat The New York Yankees to win the 1957 World Series, 4 games to 3. After the 1957 baseball season, The Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants would leave New York and come to California. The Dodgers would move to Los Angeles and The Giants would come to San Francisco. The NFL title game was played on December 29. The Detroit Lions would beat The Cleveland Browns 59 to 14.

1957 NBA Champs-The Boston Celtics

Final 1957 MLB Standings

Final 1957 NFL Standings

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