1951 Flashback

Flashback 1951

Memories of 1951, the days of my youth. As 1951 begins, I will be in First Grade at Parker Elementary School in East Oakland. September 1951 will find me starting Second Grade and this was the type of film that they would show school kids during the Cold War Era (they started showing this film in 1951).

This was the year I discovered baseball cards. Topps baseball would issue 2 sets of 52 cards (they were small cards, one set had red backs while the other set had blue backs. All of my cards were blue backs (each pack was a penny with 2 cards). These cards were a game and they were packaged with caramel, not bubble gum (VERY STICKY). Topps would learn their lesson.

————————————————-News Events——————————————

Harry Truman was still President Of The United States and he would be in the news this year for the firing of General Douglas MacArthur (MacArthur had been in charge of the troops in Korea) and he would also be in the news for beginning H Bomb testing this year (May 12). The month of May would also see a tragic earthquake in El Salvador. April 5 would see the death sentence of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for revealing atomic secrets to the Russians.

In 1951 the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was passed. This amendment would limit a President to only 2 terms in office. One of the costliest floods in American history would occur in July of this year.

———————————The World Of Sports————————————————

In the world of sports, The Rochester Royals defeated the New York Knicks to win the NBA title (The Rochester Royals would eventually move to Kansas City and then to Sacramento, becoming the Sacramento Kings). In the world of baseball, The New York Giants would advance to the World Series on one of the most famous home runs in baseball history.

The New York Yankees would defeat the New York Giants to win the World Series and the Los Angeles Rams would defeat the Cleveland Browns to win the NFL title,

——————————————The Cost Of Living——————————————-
In 1951 the average price of a home was now $7,300, the average annual income for Americans was $3,515, milk was 90 cents a gallon, gas was still 20 cents a gallon, a loaf of bread was 16 cents, a 6 ounce package of Post Sugar Crisps was 15 cents and 6 bottles of Coca Cola were 37 cents. I used to get candy bars for a nickel in those days. My favorite was “Mountain Bar” by Brown & Haley.

————————————–The 1951 Ford—————————————————

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