The Have You Heard Jukebox

3 lesser known recordings-3 different songs, all with the same title.

In 1960 Buzz Cason would hit the pop charts with his recording of “Look For A Star”. This song would come from a movie called “Circus Of Horrors”. Buzz Cason would record under the name of Gary Miles. Later in the same year, 1960, he would record this next song. Have you heard “Dream Girl” by Gary Miles?

Our next performer was born in Florence, Alabama on June 9, 1963. His name was Arthur Alexander and his biggest hit would come in 1962 with his recording of “You Better Move On”. He also had a lesser known hit called “Anna”. This next record would be from 1963-have you heard “Dream Girl” by Arthur Alexander?

Our next performers were one of the ultimate Doo Wop groups of the 1950’s. They were Norman Fox & The Rob Roys. In the early part of 1959 they released a record called “Pizza Pie”. This next record will be the flip side of “Pizza Pie”-have you heard “Dream Girl” by Norman Fox & The Rob Roys?