Jukebox 1965-1969

Our next performer was born August 28, 1930 in St. Petersbutg, Florida. Her name was Verdelle Smith and her only nationwide Top 40 hit would come in June of 1966. Verdelle Smith and “Tar And Cement”.

They came from South Africa and they would feature the lead voice of Glennys Lynne. They would call themselves Four Jacks & A Jill and their only hit would come in May of 1968 with “Master Jack”

The Pozo Seco Singers were a folk-rock group from Texas. This next song would hit the Billboard Top 100 in May of 1967. At the time of this recording, the group would consist of Don Williams, Susan Taylor and Ron Shaw. Don Williams would later become a big star in Country music. From May 1967-The Pozo Seco Singers and “I Believed It All”.