Jukebox 1960-1964

The next performer was born in Patterson, New Jersey in 1942. His name was Jimmy Charles and he had already scored a big hit with “A Million To One”. From January of 1961-Jimmy Charles and “The Age For Love”

Rosalie Hamlin was born on July 21, 1945 in Klamath Falls, Oregon. In December of 1960, at the age of 15, she would debut on the Billboard Top 40 with her biggest hit, a record called “Angel Baby”. Her group would be called Rosie & The Originals. In March of 1962 this next record was getting airplay on KYA-“Angel From Above” by Rosie & The Originals.

This next song is a long forgotten gem. It would enter the Billboard Top 100 in October of 1964. Also in October 1964, this song would also enter the KLIV Top 40 in San Jose, California. Cathy & Joe and “I See You”.