Jukebox 1955-1959

This next song would enter the nation’s Top 100 on the week of August 29, 1956, peaking at #46. It would be #40 on the first KOBY Top 40 in the Bay Area on the week of October 8, 1956-Sammy Davis Jr. and “Earthbound”

Aaron Collins was a member of The Cadets who would have a Top 20 nationwide hit in July of 1956 with “Stranded In The Jungle”. In October of 1961 he would have a Top 30 nationwide hit with a group called The Flares. Their hit was called “Foot Stomping”. Aaron, however wasn’t the only member of the Collins family to hit the Billboard Top 40. In March of 1956 his sisters, Betty & Rosie, would enter the Billboard Top 40 and eventually peak at #14. They would be known to us as The Teen Queens and their hit would be “Eddie My Love”.

From 1957 to 1964 Ricky Nelson would have 33 Billboard Top 40 hits. This next record would go to #1 nationally and it would enter the KOBY Top 40 in June of 1958.