Doo Wop Corner

This next group would never have a national hit. They would come from the East Coast and they would have some limited success there. They would have their biggest success with cover versions of earlier songs (“For Your Love” and “Thinking Of You”). They would feature the lead voice of Ray Pollard and they were called The Wanderers. From 1961-“I’ll Never Smile Again”

This next group would be based in Brooklyn, New York. They would consist of Bill Witt, Allan Days, Ronald Johnson, Harold Chapman and Arthur Blackman. This next record was recorded in 1957. They would be known as The Rocketones

Our next group would see the beginning for one of the stars of the 1950’s. The group was from San Francisco and they would be called The Romancers. One of the members of this group was a teenage Bobby Freeman. From 1956-The Romancers and “I Still Remember”